There were a couple of minor printer's errors that will be corrected during the second printing of Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, Second Edition. If you have a copy from the first printing, please see below for corrections:

Chapter 18, Page 452:

Location and Installation of Electric Range, Oven, or Cooktop
Locate the range, oven, or cooktop where it will be well lighted and have access to proper
ventilation. The range must be level for proper baking and cooking results. The range might
be installed adjacent to the left and/or right base cabinets and against a rear vertical wall
(for the “antitip” cleat). A wall oven must be installed on a supporting surface that is strong
enough to support the weight of the oven and its contents while remaining level from side
to side and from front to rear. A cooktop must be installed on a flat surface, supported by
the countertop, and it should be level. 

Contact your flooring company to check if the flooring can withstand a minimum
of 200 pounds. It is also recommended that you contact your builder to determine
if the cabinets and walls can withstand the heat produced by the appliance. Some kitchen
cabinets and building materials were not designed to withstand the heat that is given off
from the product. 

The proper installation instructions for your model are included in the use and care
manual. These instructions will assist you with the installation requirements (dimensions,
electrical requirements, cutout dimensions, venting, etc.) needed to complete the installation
according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Chapter 20, Page 546: Figure 20-11


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